Day 3 – Animal Kingdom

akWell, today dawned sunny and lovely.  We headed off to Animal Kingdom on the bus, enjoying the air conditioning!  The day heated up quickly though – easily our hottest day here so far!  We were very grateful to have the stroller, as it made travel less “whiny” for everyone:)  We got to play with dinosaurs, ride dinosaurs, and evn take in the new “Dino-Saur” ride – not a success!  Both Cameron and Mara were terrified, and if we could post the souvenir photo (they have a machine that snaps them as you ride) of Jamie and I shielding our kids from the noises, bumps, and sudden “thrills” of the ride, we would.  Fortunately, the kids recovered quickly.  Ice cream on a hot day can do that:)  We headed off to watch the Finding Nemo Musical (Amazing!) and then later in the day enjoyed the Lion King Celebration (Also Awesome!)


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