Day 5 – back to Magic Kingdom

Today we headed back to brunch at the Magic Kingdom, this time in the Crystal Palace.  Rather than royalty this time, though, we dined with old furry friends from the Hundred Acre Wood.


Having only seen half the park on our first day, we made sure to see the rest today.  We ventured off the take the Jungle Cruise, fly on Magic Carpets, stop by the Tiki Room and take a trip on the Black Pearl in Pirates of the Carribean – what a morning!  After a return to the hotel, a swim and a nap, we headed back to repeat some of our favourites.  As you can see, this ride (Buzz Lightyear’s Space Command) is a hit with everyone:)


As it was our last day in the Magic Kingdom, we also did a bit of shopping and posed for the obligatory “Ear hat” photo…much cheaper than buying us each one:):):)  Tomorrow, we head back to Epcot for the morning and then we venture into “Downtown Disney” and dine at the Rainforest Cafe.


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