Epcot continued

Following our yummy breakfast with Disney Royalty, we headed to ride the Maelstorm, Norway’s ride at Epcot.  Partway through the ride, something broke down.  The boat stopped, and an announcer said that “We are experiencing technical difficulties.  A crew member will be with you shortly.”  This same announcement repeated for about 15 minutes, and nothing happened.  The group behind us were twittering furiously all this time, making Jamie very jealous as he is iPhone-free this week.  Then someone different announced that the water was about to stop.  It did, and drained away to reveal platforms.  Finally, after about 20-25 minutes, the lights came on and crew members appeared to escort us out through the back exits.  No one was hurt – we passed the repair crew in our escape.  We were given Fast Passes to other rides to compensate us for the time lost, and the kids got a behind the scenes tour of one of the rides – quite an adventure!

We then headed off to get our passes for Soarin’, and headed over to ride the Nemo ride and watch Turtle Talk with Crush.  We met Figment and had fun in the Kodak Imagination Lab – Mara and Cameron even got to try flying over Disney World!  Soarin’ was such fun that we made a return trip in the evening!  And, of course, the light and laser show “Illuminations” was extraordinary!!!  We enjoyed our tour around the world today, though it was a bit rushed.  We may try to get back here, as both kids had a great time.


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