From the Mission Hill Estate

Before beginning the long drive from Kelowna to Vancouver, we thought it prudent to seek refreshments. We stopped at 2 lovely local wineries, and bought plenty of beverages:) The photos here are from the Mission Hill Estate Winery. Before getting back onto the highway, we also picked up some yummy local fruit. Then we were off to Aunt Sandy and Uncle Bob’s, which will be our home base for the next few days. Hooray!

missionhill1 missionhill2

Location:Kelowna, BC

Glacier water is cold!

Just before exploring the paths that wind over, under, around and through the stunning Athabasca Falls, Jamie and the kids decided they wanted to see just how cold the glacier-fed Athabasca River was. Needless to say, they didn’t linger on the beach:) The Falls were extraordinary and this snapshot does not do the area justice at all. More photos will be posted-as soon as they get downloaded:)


Location:Athabasca Falls, Alberta

We’ve Arrived In The Rockies!

After a long drive from Edmonton, we arrived this evening in Jasper. This is a photo of the stunning view from our front deck at the Jasper Lodge! Driving here, we drove through 2 separate rain storms and then drove into the Rockies as they were still sheathed in clouds and rain. How amazing! The big prairie skies of the past few days are now studded with gorgeous snow-capped mountain peaks. Can’t wait til tomorrow, when we get to do more exploring around the park!


Driving across the prairies

We are driving from the thriving metropolis of Calgary through prairie farmland to Brooks, Alberta. We’re off to dig for dinosaur fossils:) On our way, we’re seeing just how flat the prairies can be (with exception to Saskatchewan-but that’s for another trip). It’s a beautiful sunny day, and the vistas are stunning from the Trans-Canada: flat land that goes on for miles, huge farms surrounded by hundreds of cows. This photo was taken out of a moving car window with my iPhone, so it doesn’t really do the view justice. We’ll post better ones later.


Location:Between Calgary and Brooks