Some pics from Universal, day 1 at Islands of Adventure

After 2 solid days of fun and frolic in the parks at Universal, here are a few snaps of our adventures so far. We began at the crack of dawn in Hogsmeade with the tour of Hogwarts castle. Then it was off to breakfast at the Three Broomsticks, a ride on the Hippogriffe coaster, a stop to buy a Harry Potter wand for Cameron, and a wander through Honeydukes and Zonkos. By then, our tolerance level for the crowds peaked and we headed off to see other areas of the park. We rode the river tour through Jurassic Park, got completely soaked to the skin on not one, not two, but three water-based rides, saved the world from multiple villains with Spiderman, and ended our day with a few fun rides in Dr. Seuss land and a cup of Butterbeer. What a great day!

uni1 uni2 uni3 uni4 uni5 uni6

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