Usability problems #12 & 35

We started yesterday, the first day in the parks, with a rush to Harry Potter land and the Hogwarts Castle ride. It was fantastic. And absolutely terrifying. So much so that we actually broke down and paid the $29.95 for a printed 8×10 and digital download of the mid-ride snapshot. We pulled it up in the booth after the ride and the lady behind us guffawed.
You get a card and a URL and a pass code. You create a new account (with an email intake form that doesn’t let you use gmail’s anti-spam modifiers) and then are presented with the image below. Why do companies like this farm their web applications out to monkeys?
So I can’t download and post the photo until we get home. Instead you get a screenshot of the website on an iPad.
And a description.
Mara with her eyes closed looking like she wants the seat to absorb her.
Diana and I both facing Cameron (me looking like I’m slightly deformed from high-Gs) trying to calm him.
Cameron, head back, eyes closed, mouth open, shrieking at the top of his lungs.
We’re up for parents of the year again.


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