Disney day 1 at Animal Kingdom

What a difference a few years make! Last time here, this park was my least favourite, and those I told seemed really surprised. Now I see why. We had a great time at this park…despite our ominous arrival in the midst of a thunderstorm. Thoroughly damp, we began by seeing the “Bug’s Life” show, which was not there 3 yrs ago. It’s underneath the giant tree which is the “Tree of Life”-the central symbol of this park. Very cool show…in 3D, or maybe 4D when you add in the smell of the stink bugs and the charming sensation of cockroaches and termites crawling under your bum. Yup, Disney leaves nothing out:) I managed to snap a really cool picture of the ceiling of the theatre for this show….no flash allowed, so forgive the blurry edges.


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