Day 1 in Ireland

We arrived in Dublin this morning after a slightly delayed, but otherwise trouble-free flight from Toronto. We boarded our coaches and headed off to Tyrrellspass Castle for our first experience of a “full Irish breakfast”. (See previous post.) Our body clocks were still set for 3:00am at this point, though it was 7:00 am here. We enjoyed breakfast, though we opted out of the blood pudding this time. Maybe next time 🙂

Time for a quick selfie, and then back on the bus.

After a drive across the island (and a quick nap!), we arrived at the monastery of Clonmacnoise. This monastery dates back to the year 549…just amazing to be standing in the midst of ruins so old!

Now we are at our hotel in Galway, getting ready to enjoy dinner and a good night’s sleep!

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