Day 2, the first part

So, back to this morning. We loaded up the buses and headed out to drive the twisty, winding roads to the western coast of Ireland. We drove through the rugged lands of the Connemara region. The scenery was spectacular, even with the foggy conditions. The drive was a bit of a challenge for members of our group who suffer from motion sickness, but there were no accidents on the bus. Here is a shot of one view, taken through the window of a moving bus.

While in Connemara, we visited Connemara Marble, a family-run company that mines marble varieties from different quarries around Ireland, and manufactures beautiful jewellery, floor tiles, window panes, and such.

From Connemara, we headed on to Cong, where we stopped and had a lovely walk about.

After our stop in Cong, it was time to head back to our hotel in Galway and get ready for the concert tonight in Athenry.

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