Day 4, with “real” pics

Some more photos from this morning’s hike along the Cliffs of Moher. Here is the view from the left…

And from the right…

A very helpful French tourist offered to take our picture on the cliffs.

Mara says the cliffs are thiiiiis biiig! Mara is pointing towards home… Newfoundland is that way!

After we got back from the cliffs, I speed-walked with another “shadow parent” to try to get to King John’s Castle before it closed. Alas, we misread the times and missed going inside. We tried the big knocker on the door, but got no answer 🙂

So we enjoyed a more leisurely stroll back to our hotel in Limerick after taking some photos of the castle from the outside. This has now become “the castle we didn’t see”!

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