Day 6 in Cork

Today, we got to see the lovely seaside towns of Cobh (pronounced cove) and Kinsale. Our good fortune continues with the weather-another sunny day! As we drove out of Cork, we were treated to views of the solar eclipse! 


In Cobh, we toured around the lovely seaside town and visited the main port where most Irish emigrants left the island for a new life elsewhere, many coming to North America.

We also visited a museum that recreated the day of departure for the last passengers to board the Titanic from Cobh, on April 11, 1912. Here is where the first class boarded the tender for the Titanic.

From Cobh, we drove to Kinsale. 


This is the 2nd oldest church in Ireland in Kinsale, another seaside town. 

We ended the day  with a concert where the singers shared the stage with the Cork Youth Choir. They joined our kids on stage for a spontaneous but rousing rendition of “Happy”. What a treat!


 Day 7 preview – What a beautiful morning view of the River Lee as we say goodbye to Cork and head out for a long (3hr) drive to Dublin.


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