Day 7, back in Dublin

We began our day with a long drive from Cork to Dublin. Since the weather continued to be glorious, the drive was lovely! We arrived in Dublin in time to hear the singers perform at St. Patrick’s Cathedral. Wow! I can’t post videos in this blog (yet), but wait until you hear the way they sounded in this building. Just awesome!

   Also in attendance at this concert was Canada’s new Ambassador to Ireland, Kevin Vickers. After the concert, he mingled with the singers and chatted with them, posing for pictures. How exciting to meet him!

We stopped for a quick lunch (and a half pint of Guinness) and then headed on to Trinity College to see the Book of Kells. There are no pics allowed in the Book of Kells exhibit, but here are a few that I snapped of the Library at Trinity College, the oldest university in Ireland.



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