Day 9 – our last day here

Today, the adults enjoyed tours of both the Guinness Storehouse and of the Jameson Distillery. The singers spent the morning visiting with other musicians at a local High School. We met up after lunch. Here are some of the photos from the Guinness tour. What an awesome building! The center of the building is built like a giant Guinness pint glass, 7 stories tall. We ended our tour on the 7th floor, enjoying a pint of Guinness (at 10:45am!!) and surrounded by glass walls and panoramic views of Dublin.


Next, it was on to the Jameson Whisky Distillery. Another fascinating tour, where we learned the difference between Irish whisky (3 times distilled), Scotch whisky (peated, and usually twice distilled), and what they considered American whisky (bourbon-once distilled). And then a tasting, of course. I think it was noon by now, but no one seemed concerned!


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