Adventures in Quebec City

We began our day in QC with a hike up to the Citadelle to see the changing of the guard. Very cool, complete with the military marching band and Batiste, the goat, the official mascot of the Royal 22e Régiment. 

The rain held off long enough for us to enjoy a picnic in the square, entertained by a local busker.

Then the rain hit hard, and we took shelter in a nearby church, admiring the history and beauty in the Cathedral Basilica de Notre Dame de Québec, founded in 1647.

When the rain let up, we continued our way down into the Basse Ville, opting to climb down the steps and the take the Funiculaire back up. The trip down was fun, full of photo opps and cute shops. Coming back up was not as smooth, as the Funiculaire stopped unexpectedly halfway up. We were stuck in a glass box with about a dozen other people, not knowing what was going on. After about 5-10 minutes, they sent another car up to stop beside us. Then they removed side panels, put down a kind of bridge, and we walked across to the working car. We rode up in the 2nd car with no problems. And our adventures were captured by many tourists who were watching us from down below! 

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