Live fiddle music 

So, after a great show last night, we got going on reasonable time today and headed off on the Cabot Trail. We stopped along the route at a few lookouts (how can you not???) and then we found an amazing place – The Clucking Hen Cafe. Not only did they have washrooms… aah… but they had oatcakes!!! Yes!!! And they’re as tasty as we remembered from 18 years ago. We may have bought a few packages…

Then, a little further up the road, there was a shop called “Wildfire”, advertising pottery and books for sale. We stopped (rarely do we pass by a used bookstore…) and the shopkeeper was a very friendly chap. He informed us that while his wife makes the pottery, his passion is traditional fiddle music and he publishes his own books of these collections. And to top it all off, he says “While you’re looking at the books, I’ll play you a tune”. He pulls down his fiddle and serenades us in our own private concert. What a treat!

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