Baddeck, 18 years later 

We honeymooned in Baddeck way back in 1998, in a fancy hotel called “Castle Moffett” that is no longer accepting guests. (See Castle For Sale) We have really fond memories of this part of the world, and we have been looking forward to sharing it all with Mara and Cameron. Baddeck did not disappoint! Our last stop before leaving Cape Breton, we began our visit at the Alexander Graham Bell Museum. We learned all about Bell’s fascination with telephones, yes, but also with teaching the deaf, airplanes, and hydrofoil boats.

We headed into town for a bite to eat, and stopped at a cafe and bakery that had great reviews. Turns out, it’s the same place we came to years ago – and THE bakery that introduced us to the awesomeness that is oatcakes. We enjoyed amazing sandwiches on porridge bread, and bought out the oatcakes they had left. We should be set for the rest of the trip. What a find! And the perfect way to end our time in CB. Now, it’s on to Halifax.

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