Day 2…ending at the Magic Kingdom

All rested, we headed out to ride the boat to the Magic Kingdom for the evening, to take advantage of the late hours offered to hotel guests only. After standing on the dock and watching a mostly empty boat turn around and leave, we looked up and noticed another storm looming. We, too, turned around, and opted to ride the bus to MK instead. We dodged rain for the rest of the evening, and arrived home rather damp, but we still had an awesome time! The fireworks and movie effects show at the castle were amazing, and we all got to ride Space Mountain together! And what a ride that was! We also returned to see old favourites like Buzz Lightyear and Astral Orbitor. Here are some fun photos…

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Day 2…beginning at Epcot

We began the day at Epcot, choosing to do the rides today and save the international tour for next time. We met up with Figment the dragon, and Mara found a cute hat to try on. We hit every ride or show about space or flight, including Captain EO (a 3D film by George Lucas and FF Coppola, starring Michael Jackson) circa 1986. We ended with Soarin’… What a fun ride:)
Then it was home for a nap…Magic Kingdom is open late tonight:)

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Disney day 1 at Animal Kingdom

What a difference a few years make! Last time here, this park was my least favourite, and those I told seemed really surprised. Now I see why. We had a great time at this park…despite our ominous arrival in the midst of a thunderstorm. Thoroughly damp, we began by seeing the “Bug’s Life” show, which was not there 3 yrs ago. It’s underneath the giant tree which is the “Tree of Life”-the central symbol of this park. Very cool show…in 3D, or maybe 4D when you add in the smell of the stink bugs and the charming sensation of cockroaches and termites crawling under your bum. Yup, Disney leaves nothing out:) I managed to snap a really cool picture of the ceiling of the theatre for this show….no flash allowed, so forgive the blurry edges.


Animal Kingdom

We saw some animals today. We didn’t see ANY animals last time we were here, save people dressed up as animals or people with giant animal puppets. Today we saw real animals. The safari was lots of fun. The birds of prey show was campy and wonderful. The kids enjoyed the people dressed up as animals too.

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Hello Disney World!

We arrived, and were immediately greeted with “Welcome home!” by the Disney Staff at the Wilderness Lodge…a bit of a departure from the “Have a magical day!” we heard regularly last visit. We spent a few hours settling in (Cameron has claimed the top bunk this time around), and then headed to Downtown Disney. Our park passes begin tomorrow. We wandered through the shops, tried on funny hats, checked out the Lego sculptures, and ate a fantastic meal at the Irish pub…complete with live step dancers!!!
Tomorrow, it’s off to the water park if the weather looks promising.

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