Hollywood Studios – Part 2

hs1Once rested (and cooled off!), we took the direct route back to Hollywood Studios. We dined at Mama Melrose’s Italian restaurant – very yummy! – and had time to take in a few more rides before Fantasmic.  Due to Cameron’s rather odd phobia of the Muppets, Mara and Jamie went to see “Muppets Vision 3-D” and came out all smiles.  Diana and Cameron hung out in the adjacent toy store:)  Then, as long last, we headed for “Toy Story Mania”.  We all had piles of fun on this ride, and it was clearly the highlight of the day for Cameron.  On our way to Fantasmic, we opted to check out “The Great Movie Ride”.  Jamie asked one of the attendants if she thought we’d have time to do the ride and still get to the light show.  She proceeded to escort us through a back door and lead us right to the front of the line!  Wow!  It really pays to be polite and ask a few questions in this place:)  The ride was fun, and the “awe-inspiring spectacle of fire, water, music and light” that they call Fantasmic was truly breathtaking.  What an amazing way to end our first full day here!


Day 1 – Hollywood Studios!

Today, we began our adventures at Disney’s Hollywood Studios.  We took the scenic route there (because Diana thought she knew how to get there without seeking professional advice!) and enjoyed a morning filled with fun and games.  We saw “Playhouse Disney – LIVE!” and “Voyage of the Little Mermaid”.  We rode on “Star Tours” – a Star Wars flight simulator ride where you are in a “starspeeder” blasting through space. This ride was a big hit with Cameron and Jamie:)  The kids played in a giant playground designed to look like the set of “Honey I Shrunk The Kids”.  Exhausted, we got our fast passes for “Toy Story Mania” and headed back to the hotel to rest up for an evening at the park and the “Fantasmic” show.


Our first evening in the Magic Kingdom

mickeyWe arrived and headed straight for the pool – it was lovely!  Then, after a bite to eat, we headed to the Magic Kingdom to get the lay of the land.  We bravely tried out a few rides, despite the travel fatigue factor.  Our first try was a small disaster – “Stitch’s Great Escape” terrified both Mara and Cameron.  Oops!  Fortunately, we made up for it with our second attempt: “Monster’s Inc. Laugh Floor”.  This was an interactive Comedy Night hosted by Mike Wosowski, and Cameron even got chosen to play a starring role and participate in a joke with one of the comedians!  It was lots of fun:)  We ended the night with some photos of the pink castle on our way back to the hotel.  We’ll stay late and watch the parade another day.