Today, we ski the mountain down, ya!

What a beautiful day to ski Big White! Blue skies and the perfect temperature. Bryan was our tour guide on the mountain today. We skied all morning, enjoyed lunch on a slope side patio (eating outside and risking a sun burn!!), and then got back up the mountain and skied some more until our legs gave out. Amazing fun! At the end of the day, we all had sore muscles and big smiles. Can’t wait to come back tomorrow!


We headed up to Big White to get the lay of the land for tomorrow’s skiing, and to have some fun tubing down the mountain. With the late afternoon sun on the hills in the tube park, the rides were super fast!!

The tales of Tadoussac and the whales: Chapter 6 

To finish the day, we had a lovely buffet dinner at “Restaurant Le Bateau,” complete with de la tarte à sucre! Very tasty. 

I suppose I should go to bed now, seeing as we have a fun day planned for tomorrow at the Museum for Marine Mammals nearby. I’ll be sure to post pictures of the exhibits we see! 

So long for now!