The tales of Tadoussac and the whales: Prologue

We arrived at the campsite in Tadoussac last night with a rental car in tow. The drive was beautiful, and the campsite is gorgeous too! So many trees… 

We’re off to see some whales today. I’ll post later if I get some good shots. 

If I don’t post, it is fair to assume that I have been eaten by a large whale. Please play “Baby Beluga” by Raffi at my funeral, as it will be stuck in my head for the rest of the week, at least. Thank you. 

See you on the other side! 

The tales of Gananoque and the 1000 Islands: Chapter 5

After the tour we had an impromptu adventure in a creek, we passed a restaurant called “The Socialist Pig”, then had a late lunch at a restaurant where all of the menu items ended with an exclamation mark! We played a small duet on a piano in the park (it said “Play Me,” we promise!), and found out about another Half Moon Bay! 

All in all, we had a pretty exciting day in Gananoque! 

The tales of Gananoque and the 1000 Islands: Chapter 4

This is the second bridge we went under. If I recall correctly, this is the bridge Frontenac, and it has its own biosphere! 

As we passed under this bridge, a little girl ran from the front of the boat to the back so she could stand at the back railing and wave goodbye to it. Needless to say, it was very cute. 

The tales of Gananoque and the 1000 Islands: Chapter 3

This is Boldt Castle. George Boldt, the general manager of the Waldorf Astoria, had it built as a symbol of his love for his wife, starting in the year 1900. He even had the shoreline of the island that it’s on shaped into a heart! Unfortunately, she died in 1904 before the castle, and four other buildings on the island, were finished being built. Boldt Castle was abandoned and left to the wrath of the elements until 1977. Restorations and other building innovations since then have returned the castle to its original state, and completed some of the projects that were left undone. It is now open to the public, but be sure to bring your passport, as visiting Heart Island is considered as entering American territory. 

The moral of the story? When someone says they love you, don’t believe them until they shape an island into a heart and build a six-story, 120+ room castle on it, plus a few gardens and other buildings modelled after the Parisian Arc de Triomphe! 

I’m just kidding, but it must have been a nice bonus! 

The tales of Gananoque and the 1000 Islands: Chapter 1

We went on a tour of the 1000 Islands! Over the course of 2.5 hours, we learned about the origins of the islands, some history, and the ecosystems on and around them. The coolest part, though, was the videos they showed us of seven different shipwrecks as we passed over them. We got to learn where they came from, where they were headed and what they were doing, and the stories of how they sank (all while staying dry!). It was super neat!